Lowell Means Business

The Lowell Plan released “Lowell Means Business” to highlight the city’s rapid growth and its immense economic potential. The video showcases the city’s beautiful, refurbished mills and its state-of-the-art office buildings. It notes the city’s workforce development programs and its colleges and universities. It features the city’s many housing opportunities, its flourishing arts and entertainment scene, and its sports attractions, from the Lowell Spinners to Riverhawk Hockey. The video explains to potential investors what the city’s residents already know: Lowell is a great place to live, work, and open a business.


Lowell Means Business: By the Numbers
  • Job growth has increased by 10.6 percent since 2014
  • The city has added 3,800 jobs in that time
  • $406 million of recent private investment in office, R&D, and manufacturing space
  • $260 million of recent public funding for infrastructure projects
  • New business growth has increased by 16.4 percent since 2013
  • An all-time high number of startups are located in the city