An Act promoting civics education

This legislation instructs the Department Elementary and Secondary Education to develop one or more civic education model curriculum units to align with the history and social science curriculum framework and cover topics including the function and composition of the branches of local, state and federal government, the roles and responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy, current events and evaluating news sources, and community-based action and service learning projects. The bill requires all public school districts to implement the model curriculum units by the 2019-2020 school year.


An Act relative to financial literacy education

This legislation requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop financial literacy standards and objectives for implementation by the start of the 2018-2019 academic year. The components of personal financial literacy covered in the standards and objectives shall include: understanding loans; borrowing money; interest; credit card debt; online commerce; rights and responsibilities of renting or buying a home; saving, investing, and planning for retirement; banking and financial services; balancing a checkbook; state and federal taxes; and charitable giving.


An Act relative to handicapped parking

This legislation creates a new penalty for concealing the placard number, expiration date, or identifying information on a special parking identification placard. It also requires anyone who reports a lost or stolen placard to sign an affidavit affirming that all information provided in the report are true to the best of the person’s knowledge.


An Act relative to the governance of regional transit authorities

This legislation amends the formula that determines the value of a municipality’s vote on the advisory board of a regional transit authority. The amended formula ensures that a municipality’s share of the vote is reflective of its share of the assessments paid to fund the transit authority.