Bill will help those who make it in Massachusetts

Source: Lowell Sun


Whatever’s produced in Massachusetts stays in Massachusetts? It’s not quite as catchy as the phrase Las Vegas has successfully used to market its unique assets, but it could deliver a mass message that the state’s smaller manufacturing companies can’t supply on their own.

At least that’s the idea behind a bill authored by Lowell state Sen. Eileen Donoghue, which her Senate colleagues passed last week. Donoghue said the legislation would provide marketing support by identifying and promoting companies producing consumer products in Massachusetts, and encouraging residents to buy local.

Donoghue believes small businesses and consumers would both benefit from “a go-to site operated by the state where people who are interested in Massachusetts-made products or goods can go and peruse what is there.”

Under the Senate bill, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development would administer the program and spend money for its implementation.

This legislation should provide an economic boost to small manufacturing entities that simply don’t have the marketing budgets of a Gillette, New Balance or Reebok. Providing prospective buyers with a one-stop site to review these companies’ offerings will help offset the visibility advantage those larger corporations enjoy.

Small businesses are the major job creators, so it’s in the state’s interests to help them succeed.