Special Commission Approves Daily Fantasy Sports, Online Gaming, and eSports Report

After almost a year of studying the impacts of daily fantasy sports, online gaming, and the eSports industry in Massachusetts, the legislatively-created Special Commission that I co-chaired formally concluded its duties and approved a legislative report of its findings and recommendations.

The special commission report recommends a direction for online gaming that will bring both the efficiency of an omnibus approach and the careful precision of a case-by-case approach. In a cautious and thoughtful manner, the report proposes a new “online gaming” definition and clarifies how the commonwealth can responsibly move forward.

Among other things, the report green lights Daily Fantasy Sports in Massachusetts, giving it a path forward for permanent legalization and legitimacy in Massachusetts.  The report also sets a course for future online gaming if the Legislature deems it in the best interest of the commonwealth to move in that direction.

Another notable part of this report is its in-depth research into eSports, a billion-dollar professional video gaming industry that attracts millions of viewers online and has the potential to generate a tremendous amount of economic activity for our state. While relatively unknown just a few years ago, eSports has gained significant mainstream appeal and represents a promising economic development opportunity for the commonwealth. By building partnerships now, we could make Massachusetts a hub of eSports and bring tens of thousands of fans to arenas in every corner of the state, from Lowell to Worcester to Springfield.

I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Legislature to further develop these exciting ideas and successfully strike the balance between promoting emerging industries and protecting the interests and needs of the people in our commonwealth.

You can read the full report here:

Final Report of the Special Commission on Online Gaming Fantasy Sports Gaming and Daily Fantasy Sports